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Hdri upload stuck on processing

(Shaderbytes) #1

Its a small file , 473kb … upload is fast , stuck on processing forever… closed the scene and tried again , same thing.

In the console it is spamming :

commons-e28186ad6fe8b65eacca.js:56 XHR finished loading: GET “”.

The part between “environments/…blahblah…/status” keeps changing it is spamming a new one every second to the console…

EDIT: I tried resizing the dimensions now even to power 2 sizes … still the same issue , stuck processing … spamming the console with the same messages


Not really “spamming”, it’s polling the processing status to check when it’s done. Can you share the .hdr file?

(Shaderbytes) #3

i found out they do eventually appear in the HDRI section … but way way after i uploaded them , easy 20-30 minutes later - so something is wrong. Im sure the bug must be there using any hdr? Anyway they are not proper hdri , i just saved a jpg as hdri format. i first left the size unchanged which was not power of two , then i tried resizing as mentioned above , anyway Later these hdri’s started showing up in the list one by one , every attempt i made thinking it is just stuck… So it works but just takes forever to do…


Yeah it’s taking too long. We’re going to investigate and see how we can improve this.