Headsculpt anatomy likeness critique and advice needed

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Hi sketchfab community, I recently did a face sculpt of author FranzKafka https://skfb.ly/6zQHy I would really like some people to critique my work and give me advice and/or tips on how to improve on making likeness sculptures.
I would like also if someone can point out if i missed big anatomical details and such, any help and constructive critique is very appreciated :slight_smile:

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I dont know who that is , i can google it but perhaps help others in their replies by showing your reference image/images used :wink:

Anyway likeness in any art form is always 80% proportion and getting defining lines correct. I always like to study very minimalist cartoon character artists because some are really good at capturing a likeness of somebody and yet they use such few colors and lines. This is exactly what you obviously need to pay special attention to when doing a 3d sculpt as the same laws of visual likeness apply , it not so much in getting all the details that dont matter … its about getting the simple forms and lines that do.

Im not a great artist myself but i love to strive and continue learning :wink:


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Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:
This is a photo of the author I sculpted

I understand what you mean by 80% proportions, I have come to learn that it is a huge part in getting anatomy right more than anything, and there is where i’m not super good at maybe just yet. I am currently trying to grasp the shapes and forms, it’s very difficult and does take a lot of practice I guess. the cartoon observation is a good one! observing the things that make a face unique and recognizable from others, great idea!

Greetings! And thanks again for your reply!