Heirloom Statues/ MA-USA

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About this service

We are a 3D Photogrammetry Studio operating as a part of the Einstein's Workshop STEM education center. Our focus is on beautiful, heirloom quality statues of family and friends. Our statues are printed in 12th scale full color sandstone on a base.


Service description

  • Specialisation: We offer Heirloom quality 3D Statues in full color sandstone.
  • Equipment/software: 104 Camera Photogrammetry system
  • Location: Burlington, MA
  • Ability to travel: Customers must come to our family friendly studio.
  • Resolution: High
  • Guaranteed accuracy: Gauranteed Satisfaction. We do digital touch-up to insure great statues.
  • Max / min scannable sizes: Toddlers to Adults
  • Deliverable file formats: For now we are a statue company only. Online viewable renders via Sketchfab.
  • Costs: Please see out webpage at 3d.einsteinsworkshop.com !

Service-specific information
Customers at our studio have their photo taken many times using our photogrammetry rig. Because the pictures are instantaneous, unlike scanning, we can take many shots in one session and we can capture active children as well! Once the pictures are done we will send the customer a photo album where they can select and purchase which images they want created into statues. We then render, touch-up and get the renders ready for 3D printing. The customer can then purchase their statues online.


Girl by Einstein's Workshop on Sketchfab

Brothers by Einstein's Workshop on Sketchfab

Kids by Einstein's Workshop on Sketchfab