Helio - Magic Leap One

(Farraj) #1

Good day everyone,

So apparently the web browser Helio that comes with Magic Leap (ML) has this neat feature that lets you hold a link of a 2D or 3D image/model from a page and pull it out into your space/room.

Obviously the first place I went to was sketchfab :stuck_out_tongue: unfortunately this feature doesn’t seem to work here. So currently I’m stuck with downloading the 3D model to my PC then transfering it to my ML, were I get to drag it from the gallery app.

Any future plans to support this feature? Apparently Helio is html base, and they already have tags that add this feature to your page.

Hope to hear from you soon.


We’ll definitely be looking into it, but there is no ETA or roadmap yet. All this technology is pretty unstable and changing really quickly right now.

(Farraj) #3

Cool ^^ Looking forward to any update in that field 🖒

(Kevin1688) #4

It’s very cool.