Hello and Treasure Chests


(Theo Kain) #1

Hi, I’m new to Sketchfab, and I’m interested in building up a portfolio of 10 models so that I can apply for a seller account to begin creating and selling more advanced models. I was thinking about what types of models to make and I noticed that treasure chests seemed to be popular and interesting but most of them are of the pirate chest style.

So I decided for my first 4 models to be treasure chests from 4 historical periods, Egypt, Roman, Viking and a Medieval chest. These are all based on historical chests, strongboxes and caskets from those eras…

Medieval chest:

Viking casket:

Roman strongbox:

Egyptian chest:

Comments and criticism welcome, I would like to improve my workflow, modelling and texturing techniques to as high a standard as possible. The models above are as low-poly as I could get them without sacrificing too much detail, but I’m still looking for the best approach to low-poly high detail assets.