Hello. I need to hire an artist to make a virtual tour of a room for a website

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Hello. Apologies in advance if I’m not allowed to ask this question here…If not, please advise as to where I may.

My name is Jonathan. I’m in South Carolina, United States. I need to hire someone to create a 3d model (I think). I went on fiverr, but I don’t know enough about this field to be able to tell if any of them can build models like some of the ones I see here in the architecture category. I’m a career musician and sound engineer. I’ve recently launched an audio post-production facility and would like to offer a virtual tour of two different rooms in this building on my website. I’m audio guy by trade, so I’ll need some help getting this integrated with the site, but you’re free to speak directly with the web development company TechBear (based on Princeton NJ) at anytime in the process. (I have no idea how this stuff works). The site is not launched yet, but hopefully will be this month. No hard deadline on this, I need this site launched, but we have time to integrate your model down the road.

Please message me or reply with your info if you’re interested. Or if you know someone who might be interested. Sorry I’m such a noob at this, but I LOVE some of the stuff I see on this site, and wanted to reach out to artists here directly.

ps…if there are any other details I should post here publicly, please tell me.

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@miguelangelo2k…thanks for offering. I need a technical model of my control room drawn to where the sound gear looks accurate. My room is not as fancy as these examples, but I use exact the same console. I don’t expect someone to go model every single knob and light, but it needs to be close enough to where other audio professionals who know what it is recognize it in the picture. My room has plain white walls and practically no detail. I don’t care about the colors of the lights on the ceiling at or stuff like that at all. Again, I need the gear to look correct.

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Heres another picture