Hello ! laser scan to model here

(Ripvannik) #1

I've been working with some scan data. To enable a virtual tour of a couple of theatres.

The main problem is reducing the amount of data.
These are models made in 3ds Max, with heavily reduced poly, and only using vertex coulours with a few annotations added.

Let me know what you think. I'm not a techie so, no offence taken !

Wifi essential!

This one should load on your mobile device: https://skfb.ly/68MWp

This one is for the desktop or something with a better GPU: https://skfb.ly/6sKFU


(Nebulousflynn) #3

hey @ripvannik,

I reckon you could reduce the face count on these models even further - there are a lot of large flat surfaces (ceilings, walls, doors, floors) that are made from 1,000s of faces when they only really need a couple of triangles to be defined.

I did something similar with a scan of an admittedly much smaller space to make a virual tour using photogrammetry:

Losing a lot of the vertices will obviously cause problems with colouring as you are using vertex colours to colour your mesh but maybe you can bake the colours out as a texture file? (afraid I have no experience on this but it sounds doable, maybe other ppl might have advice).

(Ripvannik) #4

Many Thanks for the reply Nebulousflynn !

I'll look again at selecting the walls in 3ds max and reducing further. I used the pro optimize function then quadrify on sections, but not on individual walls so it's worth another go.

Unfortunstely I've had no success producing texture maps without massively increasing the size of the files I needed to upload, while also overloading the gpu. I used a trial version of Thinkbox sequoia to mesh the pointclouds. The software was rock solid and i highly recommend this, but of course I'm open to other options!

I see you have also advised on filtering point clouds in a separate post. I'm hoping that reducing points at the outset might be another way to reduce the overall size of the mesh too.

I'll have a look at your projects when i get back home this evening !

Best Wishes !