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(Yamirizuki) #1

Hi, I'm new in blender and 3D thingy so maybe this is a noob question

I'm trying to upload a .blend file with toon shading material. The problem is I don't know how to make sketchfab display the material as in blender. I've heard of baking material and already google it, still confused about it so maybe anyone here could point me a direction, please...


here is my material setup:

(Simon Kratz) #2

Hi yamirizuki!

Easy game, just make sure your model is unwrapped and you have an active texture selected. Then hit the bake button in the bottom of the Render tab and everything should be fine :slight_smile:
You'll get a texture of your lit scene as you see it in the Blender viewport.

(Yamirizuki) #3

I already done it, but it just give me a black texture

FYI, I have 4 object at the scene, character body, jacket, a hemi light and a camera
it looks good on viewport and BI render, models are unwrapped, but once I bake it then goes black, looks like regular diffuse with solid black color

-- edit --
solve it, somehow I just disable the texture before baking and it works :sweat_smile:

(Shaderbytes) #4

This is a dynamic shading effect based on face normals and view direction so ideally not something that can be baked to a texture.

Many users get a toon outlining effect similar to this by duplicating the geometry , inverting the normals , scaling along normals and then making that have a unique material single sided and black etc..

here is an example :

(Yamirizuki) #5

I was wondering about that dynamic shading part, so actually I can't do that for my animation :smile:
thanks everyone :slight_smile: