Help buyers contact us faster

Hello. Dear Sketchfab as one of the sellers on this amazing website which currently is being used by many other users we have issues staying in contact with our buyers who might need other types of files for a certain model, You may say but we added a comments section and i would reply with saying that sometimes it is hard to keep up with the notifications bell. What i am suggesting is that you add a new section where we as sellers could put our personal email so we could be able to talk and deal with issues our buyers are having. For those reading please dont think i am making it sound as if i am mad instead read it in a calm way. :slight_smile:

Kind regards. RODX81

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Sorry i forgot to mention why we would like a buyer to emails us.


Gmail is used in our everyday life because it is the only formal way can stay in contact with business and it could help with keeping track of issues other users had in the past so in stead of re-writing the same answer and the ways to fix the same issue we could simply copy & paste.