Help changing watermark and background image


(Umaptechnologies) #1

Pro account here wondering if the background image can be changed and if the watermark can be removed in the embed viewer.

This appears to have been possible at one time:

Can this still be done? I've attempted to change the watermark & transparency URL parameters but nothing is happening. I attempted to search the forums and haven't had any luck.

We would like to remove the Sketchfab watermark and use a dimmed custom background image when our users look at our models.

Much thanks for any help,

(Shaderbytes) #2

You can change the background in the editor or of late you can also choose a solid color . About the watermark.. If you are referring to removing all branding from the viewer then this is not possible from a pro account, you would need a business account for that.

(Abby Crawford) #3

Here's the Help Center article on changing backgrounds:

(Umaptechnologies) #4

Thanks guys. This was helpful though what I am really looking for is an API solution (I should have been more specific). It seems this is not something I can toggle via embed, but perhaps when uploading the model in the first place?

Data API documentation doesn't seem to say anything about display options post-upload:

Perhaps I'll start a new thread with a better worded question. Thanks for your help.


Edit: responded in API/Dev thread

(Mauricesvay) #6

Just to clarify, removing the watermark is not possible, even for Business accounts:

(Shaderbytes) #7

Oh sorry about that, somehow I thought it mistake then :wink:

(Tod Adkins) #8

We're going to upgrade to a biz account, but we might have to switch from sketch fab if the client wants the watermark gone. So far from what I've read, I like many of the features of sketchfab, but one of the things that gets me is that you pay for a biz account, and yet can't hide the watermark?

I mean, marmoset viewer is very limited compared to sketchfab in terms of customization, and it doesn't even support animation, but you can strip everything out of the UI.


Sorry, a complete white label viewer is not on our short-term roadmap.

Keeping our small icon is the only way for us to offer a free or very affordable service, we also don't know of any 3D viewer offering a full white label solution. We work with global brands like HTC, LG and Microsoft who are happy with it, hope this can meet your needs as well.

(Tod Adkins) #10

I'm fine with it. Just not sure my client will be in this instance. You should probably offer a pay through the nose fee for the logo removed. Could be per scene even charged monthly to help recoup any loss in advertising gains.

(Gilles38) #11

the watermark doesn't bother me so much. What I'd rather like is that the watermark redirects the user to the main Sketchfab page, not to my private model page.
That would be a nice option and an alternative to the complete removing of the watermark, I think.

(Synoptive) #12

The inability to remove the watermark is a deal-breaker for our clients. Until we can remove the watermark, we use the Clara io 3d viewer for $100/month, which doesn’t have a watermark. Please notify the community if you decide to change your policies. Thanks.