Help exporting multiple fbx file as animation

(Comphonia) #1

I am trying to do an fbx slideshow like the one here:

I have all my .fbx in one folder, added the sketchfab.timeframe(with all the modelnames e.g 0.5 table.fbx) file textures in a child folder, zipped and tried uploading but it gives me an error: > The file is invalid (Error 13). Please check the file or use an exporter to ensure compatibility.

How can i fix this? Thanks.

(Mrchlblng) #2

hey @comphonia,

the timeframe feature would probably benefit better error messages and we'll look to improve this.
In the meantime, There are 2 issues with your upload:

  1. your files have the .FBX extension but your refer to them as .fbx; the feature is not clever on this (e.g. you could intentionally have an asset.FBX and asset.fbx file). So to fix this, you should simply search'n'replace .fbx into .FBX in sketchfab.timeframe.
  2. your archive contains a props2 folder where all fbx files and sketchfab.timeframe lays but in sketchfab.timeframe you do not prefix your files with props2; you should either add the prefix in sketchfab.timeframe or I would advice to not have a filetree in your archive.

Hope that helps!