Help From Sellers: Wanting to know how to get an approved application


I recently sent in an application for being a seller on Sketchfab. It came back as a no because I don’t have enough models/work displayed.

I’d like to ask sellers who were approved how many models did you have to upload or just how much activity I need to have in various 3D modeling sites to get approved?

I just today added one model to my profile which I would love if you checked that out and gave it a like. Thanks!

Hey there

The competition is strong now that the sketchfab store has many users , just take a look at the specific category your model is competing against.

Your model is 88k poly and the texture work is too basic. Have a look here or example. This model is only 8k and the texture work is good :

ok this is just a head , but only 12k poly and amazing texture work :

There are many examples like this , just search trex and click view more for store listed models.

In a nut shell the poly counts are better , the texture work is better and the animations ( if they are animated )

But of all three you biggest let down is your texture work. Dont feel bad , be motivated and Keep practicing :wink:

chat soon

Thanks! That was very insightful. I’ll take those ideas into account as I move forward.

Hi @ToothedJaw !

Welcome to the forum!
Currently we ask users to show us at least 10 models before applying to become a seller, so we can have an idea of the quality of the seller’s work.
From our documentation:

Make sure your Sketchfab portfolio is representative of your work. If you have less than 10 models in your Sketchfab portfolio, please provide us with alternative URLs (in the seller application from the button below) where we can see your work.

You can read more about it here

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask any follow up question.