Help! How to properly export/upload from Photoshop?

Help! Total newbie here - trying to make a SUPER simple interactive model of basically a flat piece of cut out fabric. I created the 3D image on photoshop - it has the fabric front and is black on the back. However, when I upload it - the “fabric” is smaller inside the shape! Am I exporting or uploading incorrectly? I have attached my screenshots from Photoshop and a screenshot and link of the model uploaded into sketchfab for comparison. I would so appreciate a little guidance! Thank you!



When you’re ready to export, go to 3D → Generate UVs… The default options should be ok, but you can experiment with enabling or disabling Merge Materials if it still doesn’t work.

Then, export the 3D Layer as either Collada DAE or Wavefront OBJ.

I hope that helps!