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(HELP) I wanted to achieve this low poly/oldschool style in Blender and I dont know how

(Strawberryfields) #1

So the 1st model (the one at the top) is my work and I wanted to achieve
a lowpoly/old school effect for my models but I dont know how.
People wouild point me to ‘shadeless’ option always,
but that doesn’t help. As you see, the 2nd pic is what I am aiming for (it has the old school/pixel-y look). Any ideas on how I could do this for Blender? Please. I have asking this for months and I thought of posting here. Hope someone could help. Thank you!!!

(Shaderbytes) #2

i presume you mean you want a facitated look , simply mark all the edges as sharp and use an edge split modifier , or you can split the edges manually , or blender has a built in function to treat all edges as sharp, just select the object and then in the inspector under shading choose “flat”. Anyway that will crudely do it but in the art style you are looking for, edges are selectively split and if you notice texture differences will normally follow the lines of these splits making square shapes as in you example image.

ps make sure autosmooth is also disabled :


(Shaderbytes) #3

anyway this wont alter your texture , this you can do in a graphic editor, here is a an example i did quickly using gimp pixalize function :