Help in development of a viewer script for lenticular rendering


(Itsikw) #1

Lenticular rendering is creating a sequence of images from a 3D object. The images are views of the object from different angles. The shooting positions are on an arc with equal angular increments, and the camera always points to the arc center. The whole shooting scenario is determined by the arc center coordinates (three parameters), the arc radius (one parameter), the angular separation between adjacent shooting points (one parameter) and the total angular span (one parameter). The plane of the arc is horizontal. The image sequence can be submitted to a lenticular printing studio to make a 3D picture.
I need help in developing a viewer script which accomplishes this.

(Shaderbytes) #2

What is your budget? Should be possible using sin and cos and atan2. Just set the camera position then call lookat each time to view your center and take a screenshot with the api… radius can be defined , origin can be defined sweep angle can be defined and sweep angle division amount as well.

chat soon

(Itsikw) #3

Although the task is rather straightforward, as you describe, I cannot do it myself. I am ready to pay around $100 for this. The work should include embedding the script in my website (WIX).

(Shaderbytes) #4

no thanks the offer is too low to include web page development and secondly i dont want anything to do with wix. Renting your own server space is super cheap , i think i pay about $3 a month. A wix website means you dont rent the server space , you cant ftp any file to any directory etc… i dont know what is all exposed to the user but i dont really want to bother to even look since no professional person/business i ever deal with has a wix website.:wink: no hard feelings

(Itsikw) #5

I see… How much will be your fee to develop a web page on a server?