Help in understanding some import errors

(Tod Adkins) #1

I've named my files by the guidelines as far as I know, but I keep getting these errors on upload:

Found unreferenced image 'Screwmetalness.png'_
Found unreferenced image 'Screwroughness.png'_
Found unreferenced image 'Screwdiffuse.png'_

The weird thing is, when I go and look in the 3D settings, those maps are applied to their correct channels.

The next set of errors I'd like to know more about too:

Material::setShininess() of 256 is above permitted maximum, clamping to 128.
osg::clone(const T*, osg::CopyOp&) passed null object to clone, returning NULL.

Is setShininess metalness? Is the error related to my metalness texture, or some base material setting?




It's a side effect of our "auto PBR mapping". We use the texture/material naming conventions to match the textures to the correct PBR slots. However, this happens after processing has already found "unreferenced" textures, because these material slots are not supported natively by the file format.

If your model looks correct, you can ignore these warnings. We're actively working to clean up these errors and warnings and provide more useful feedback after processing.

(Tod Adkins) #3

Thanks James for the answer!

OK, I'll ignore the material warnings for now. Thanks for letting me know.

What about the "Material::setShininess() of 256 is above permitted maximum, clamping to 128." error? Is that also due to a texture or is that something else?


It's probably just the value in the original file being outside the maximum value for our settings. Is your roughness correct?

(Tod Adkins) #5

It looks close enough to right. Since I'm not yet on a pro/biz account I can't be sure due to lighting/reflections with the same HDRI, but it's not way off AFAIK.


Ok cool. That warning is probably a bit aggressive. Maybe @mrchlblng can share more details?

(Mrchlblng) #7

@TodAdkins, as @james said, we currently do a poor job with the warnings we generate. In this specific case, it's a warning generated by a dependency we use that is not correctly filtered and this can be safely ignored.