Help me on uploading model

(Xiezhong) #1

After completing transfer File,it indicate:
An error occured while converting your model
The file is invalid (Error 13). Please check the file or use an exporter to ensure compatibility.

But it works well while I upload it directly from agisoft photoscan.

what"s the problem?Anybody help me?


I'm sorry you're having trouble.

What file format did you export from PhotoScan?


(Xiezhong) #3

They are obj,mtl,jpg.


Hmm that's weird. It's usually really reliable.

Could you please send me the file(s) and or the photoscan project file so I can take a closer look?

(Xiezhong) #5

Hi,did,you receive my files?



Yes I did. Sorry for the delay. I'll take a look as soon as I can!


Hi, I had no issues uploading those files:

Banana by James on Sketchfab

(Xiezhong) #10

So,what"s the problem?
You can ,I can by agi but by files?



I don't see any problem. I uploaded the exact files you sent me.