Help me with Lighting my Shrimp properly

(Ndrakey) #1

Shrimp by ndrakey on Sketchfab

I think that the models details arent seen that good on sketchfab compared with the normal viewport appearance. I never manage to find the right spot for the lights, spending hours on moving lights around. Maybe Im doing it wrong.

(Ndrakey) #2

Heres an older version which looked strangely lit too.

Shrimp Crystal Red by ndrakey on Sketchfab

(Pavelnoskov) #3

Nice model, this must be good lighted!
I can't exactly right say "how to"
But you can try this way - make material -> make base color(i think this is important for render and lighting later) -> Did the global light, then additional light sources with different colors like sky, back lighting etc.
(Maybe, a simpler and faster way to experiment with all of this - create material and color for your Shrimp on sphere to get acceptable result, and then continue to set up on the model)

Dim light and black shadows need to be fix first i think and perhaps a little wrong direction to look at all the interesting shapes of the Shrimp
Old version seems looking better, but there we can see only one white light source, it's looking boring

Huh..have fun ^__^

(Ndrakey) #4

cant decide which "material" to take. first one lets you see the Details better but the second one somehow Looks more realistic