Help me with maya

(Crazykid) #1

when i try to export my model it comes out different then what i have it before i export it, can someone help me. i am using maya

(Dark Minaz) #2

export as what? and for what exactly?
mind providing some infos and a screenshot of how it changes?

(Crazykid) #3

i am trying to export it as a FBX file
i want it to come out like this

but it comes out looking like this

D by crazykid on Sketchfab

(Dark Minaz) #4

could you send me the .ma file that i can check.
i got a few ideas but i am not 100% sure if it's any of them

(Dark Minaz) #5

Alright, you have "bad" geometry. Mainly more dots than you have lines

if you hit 3 (pre smooth) you see that it gets weird.
Sketchfab can't handle geo like that and tries to change it into quads or tris to render.

Try changing it to quads or tris if possible (see the right part of the image) then it should be displayed correctly