Help ! Modelling Advice Needed

(Cepacinstore) #1

Hi All,

New to Sketchfab and need a bit of advice.

I design display stands and POS, and am looking at ways to import my 3D models into Sketchfab but into a store (Supermarket) environment.

I have tried using the environment features on the settings, but my models are floating in space and need to 'ground it' if possible ?

The only way I can see around this is modelling and entire store format and placing the display into this.

Hopefully one of you fine people can help me out :smile:

Thank you in advance

(Blackhart) #2

As far as I'm aware, Sketchfab doesn't haven't a feature for using the HDR environments as domes with a ground plane (e.g. as Iray does in Substance Painter). Would be a nice feature to have, for sure, but I don't believe it's currently possible. Instead of modelling an entire interior you could just create a single plane for the ground, make it transparent except for a pre-baked fake shadow. From certain angles this would give the appearance of the object being grounded.

(Cepacinstore) #3

Thank you for your reply.

I think the way to go forward would be to build a simple end aisle, and contain this (and floor/ceiling texture) within a larger 'box' with images of a supermarket interior.

I can see by double clicking on the model you create a new origin point for your view, which is great on the desktop pc but do you know how to replicate this in VR mode ? Ideally I would want to open up the 3D Scene at a set view point to rotate around (the display model inserted into the supermarket scene)

(Blackhart) #4

When you click "Save View" it should save the position of the camera as the new default initial location for subsequent loads. So, if you position everything how you want it to start for people in the Sketchfab viewer and hit "Save View", that should do it.

(Cepacinstore) #5

Thank you Blackhart, You've been a great help.. basic stuff I realise, but got to start somewhere