Help needed for editing texture on model


(Ellvixson) #1

Hello Sketchfab community!

I am a novice in Sketchfab. I need advice on how I can get the texture of plywood on the side of my product.

There isnt seem to be a function for me to scale up/ change the orientation of the texutre. Is there a way I can go about editing it? Or should there a recommendation of the resolution of texture I should follow? Thank you

btw : I am using Rhino3D > export it as .3DS > uploading in sketchfab.


I recommend OBJ (+MTL + texture images) from Rhino, not .3DS

You cannot edit the scale/orientation or textures after uploading, they will need to be mapped in Rhino beforehand.

(Ellvixson) #3

Hello James

Thank you for the help. Would you recommend I use an external rendering software(what would you advice) to get my materials right before importing into Sketchfab? I usually worked on Keyshot for rendering, however I dont think keyshot files (.bip) are supported in sketchfab.




I recommend NOT using a 3rd party rendering software like Keyshot for uploading to Sketchfab. Those kinds of material libraries are usually proprietary and it's very difficult to export properly UV mapped texture.