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Help needed - precisely limiting Horizontal Rotation (yaw)

(Fof Sedona) #1

I am trying to limit both vertical and horizontal rotation via the editor. I am clearly missing something very simple. I orient my model axis. I typically orient Blue up, green right and red straight at the viewer for consistency between our models. If I should do this differently tell me what and why.

I have no problem limiting vertical rotation. I can grab the central blue boxes on the horizontal blue lines and limit precisely within seconds. When I try to do this with the horizontal controls my model and the axes also move and are reoriented. There must be a way of doing this with the sliders or entering values after orienting my model but so far, everything shifts and I literally am going around in circles, partial circles but circles non the less.

Please direct me to a source of clearer instructions to do this or provide.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(Stephomi) #2

Did you try to click on the “exit preview” button? If you do so, you should be able to limit the view more easily.