Help needed to convert a .tilt file to .fbx format

(KT) #1

Hi guys! I was wondering if I could trouble someone with Tilt Brush to do a little favour for me.

I had access to the Vive for one night last night and was bummed that I grabbed the wrong export file.
Since I don't have direct access to a setup, I can't go back in to export the .fbx. If someone could help me with this it would be amazing!

This is the scene I'm trying to retrieve.

File here

Thanks in advance!


Hi KT!

Hey @vrhuman do you think you could help?

(Vrhuman) #3

Hey @katiecai
No problem, and welcome to the Sketchfab family!
Here is the link to your Sketch. Very cool details! Had fun checking it out.

I´m currently learning japanese so I might need you to return the favor in the future.

(KT) #4

Thank you so much @vrhuman! Really appreciate it. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Sure, I'll try my best to help!