Help needed to merge and fix models

(Jumpjack) #1

I am in trouble.
I have this model of a spacecraft (Hayabusa 2) and this model of a surface it’s gonna explore in next months.
I would like to merge the two models into a single one and to cleanup the terrain model to delete the hole, which actually is flat terrain with the shadow of th spacecraft, but after days experimenting with Meshmixer, Meshlab, Netfabb and Sketchup, I didn’t end to anything useful.

  • terrain model is a mess, it looks like it contains 4 textures and I don’t know how to merge them; netfabb and 3df Zephyr show them correctly, but Meshmixer makes a mess with them, and this is the only program I know capable of mixing meshes.
  • solar panels of spacecraft contain an error due to a missing texture; I found a workaround by duplicating and rotating the panels, so the untextured part is now covered by the textured parts, so model LOOKS fine but IS not fine.
  • I can’t delete the wrong data (the “hole”) in the terrain and replace it with flat terrain and proper texture

Any suggestion/tip/help?