Help shape the future of Sketchfab!

We’ve released a survey to help us get a better sense of how you use Sketchfab and what we should prioritize as we work on improving the viewer, editor, and site overall. If you have 5 minutes, we’d be very grateful for your feedback :point_right:

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I did the survey but I’m not sure the link is correct as there was nothing about the viewer and the editor in there.

“What are your preferred creation tools?”
how about options for Reality Capture and Metashape or other Structure from Motion tools.

where is sketchfab in the options for preferred creation tools :sweat_smile:

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Hi, I have also done the survey. Would you consider adding free text to get additional feedback that may also be valuable but not included in the actual survey?

Filled in the survey! Wanted to say that sometimes I’ve downloaded free/paid models for the purpose of having some kind of placeholder object, but usually in the end I tend to swap it out for a model that might meet our poly/texture/material requirements better.

Those were missing, indeed. I’ll discuss with the team whether we can add those in to the survey. Thanks for catching the omission.

We had hoped to include free text fields but in the end the decision was made not to. You’re always welcome to email specific feedback to us at and we can pass that on to our product team. :slight_smile:

That’s good to know - thank you!

Thanks to everyone who responded (@hfenton , @Tycho_Magnetic_Anoma, @zoltanfood , and @coraldomino ) - we really appreciate it!

If you’re seeing this message and haven’t filled out the survey yet, there’s still time. :smiley: