Help, some of my models are suddenly not loading!

(Davijo Man) #1

Some of my models have stopped loading. I'm trying to view them in VR and the bar will only load to about 95%. They're not working on my phone either. Seems to only effect my more complicated models

Some of my model doesn't load
(Bart) #2

Hi @DavijoMan,

sorry about that! We're aware of the issue and a fix is coming up. I'll let you know when it's live.

(Bart) #3

Looks like it should be fixed now - could you please retry your models and let us know if they now work?

(Davijo Man) #4

Looks like it's working on my mobile again, just need to try it in VR when I get home.

(Bart) #5

Did you get a chance to test it?

(Davijo Man) #6

It was my brother's Vive headset. Couldn't get the VR to work, but I think it was and issue with his setup. The models load fine now. I thinks the issue was resolved.

(Bart) #7

Brilliant, glad to hear it!