HELP! Step by step tutorial for preparing UV's for Sketchfab in Zbrush Polypainting Please

(Catbanjo Com) #1

Hi Gurus!

I am very new to the digital world and need as much information you can provide to me, links to tutorials and such so I may up load my models in all their Poly-colored glory.

I am having difficulty understanding the process and will continue to comb the interwebz on my own, but for now, sure would appreciate some guidance.

And for the record, I love the Sketchfab Exporter for Zbrush for my models. I am grateful it is fairly intuitive for newb like me!

Mucho Mahalo!

(Kevin Cayuela Borg) #2

If you have any specific question mail me for zbrush :slight_smile:

(Miekeroth) #3

Hi Catbanjo_com,

I'm not exactly sure what you are asking, but maybe this tutorial will help regarding ZBrush and Sketchfab:

(Catbanjo Com) #4

Terrific! You have offered me a very helpful first step.
Thank you so much for pointing this out.
An obvious path.

Will report back with more specific and clearer questions.