Help Uploading Animation


(Legiontd) #1

Hello, I am trying to upload an animation for a model. I have separate .fbx files for the model and for each animation. Do I need to have one .fbx for the model and animations, or can I have one .fbx for the model and one .fbx for the animations?

Can you help me understand where to start in terms of getting all my .fbx files into one?

Thank you,

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @legiontd,

For now you need to upload a single .fbx containing the model and the animation(s).
Merging animations into a single .fbx is not something trivial but there are some ways to do that.
For example, depending of your software you could use:

There is also a way to merge animations using Autodesk Motion Builder, following the steps mentionned here:

Keep us in touch! :slight_smile: