Help us test .blend animation uploads

(Belich) #21

Same here, only the assigned action its send to sketch fab

(Belich) #22

trying to force thing a bit i realized that curved bones(b-bones in blender) its not supported, it has some sense that its not a supported feature but it will be nice to have it written with the other known limitations.

(Hdvdeargentina) #23

I think it happens with fbx too. I have a simple solution for that: connected bones with "copy rotation" constraint in local space. It's not the same, but at least can look a bit better in Sketchfab.

(Mo Systeme) #24

Super great !!
I 'll this now

(Waleguene) #25

Hey guys!

Thanks again for your tests and for helping us to improve the feature!
There are some points I would like to detail here.
First, there are 2 issues that should be fixed soon:

Moreover, the number of animations and the durations depend on the scene. It follows these simple rules:

  • if there is only one animated object (i.e with active action/nla_tracks):
    • all actions are parsed and applied to the object and you have as much animation on Sketchfab as actions in Blender
    • each animation has the same duration as their corresponding action
  • if there are more than one animated object:

    • only active animations are parsed and merged into a single animation. (cc @murilo_kleine and @belich )
    • Note that FBX does this differently: it combines all actions with all animated object and generate one action for each
      It doesn't really make sense for us to have a lot of animations animating only one part of the scene.

Don't hesitate to share your feedbacks on this, we are working on improving it so that you guys can get the result you expect :smile:

Also, note that we currently apply modifiers on object in Blender but there are some cases where we can't do that: typically when the mesh has shapekeys (you can't manually apply it in Blender)
So, if you apply a subdivision surface modifier on your shape keyed object, its effect will not be visible on sketchfab. This is something we have planned to improve, since it adds a lot of quality on models.

Finally, all the other issues you mentionned (about armature animation not working properly, childOf constraint and so on..) have been logged and we will take a look and try to fix/improve this. (@hdvdeargentina, @hubpiat, @sheeloo)

Thanks a lot guys! I will be back to you and keep you in touch!

(Pauljs75) #26

I tried uploading a model via the Blender add-on a few days back where drivers were used to control the animation instead of the typical transforms constraints and it failed. But I'm not sure if it's some particular aspect of the model, or if drivers used in animation aren't yet supported?

In terms of the driver it wasn't anything too fancy. Was using position of an empty multiplied by current frame in an animation to control rotation. A little hacky, but it's an easy way to control propeller rotation on an aircraft. It lets you speed up or slow down the prop easily in a Blender animation, but in this case I just had it set to one position for a constant speed. Drivers also seem to be better at times than transforms for keeping things locked in certain ratios, but I haven't played with trying something like fancy gearing just yet.

(Waleguene) #27

@pauljs75 You should be able to upload your model again and get it working now. Our Blender processing has been blocked for a few minutes last week for the release, so if you uploaded it during this moment, you probably got an error message like

An unexpected error occurred while processing the file (Error 20). If the error persists, contact us.

If you notice something weird or not working with your new try, keep me in touch :smile:

(Pauljs75) #28

Cool beans. It's working now. That was the error I was seeing too.

OH-6B by pauljs75 on Sketchfab

(Shaderbytes) #29

Hi Devs

Sorry im late to the party , I just did a test using an armature driven character and it works as expected, good job!

Marco Run Animation Test by shaderbytes on Sketchfab

(Dennish2010) #30

I made another shape keys animation for fun and I noticed a fault in playback.
Looks like some frames are missing or will be skipped during playback.
Here is the Blend file.

Blender Shape Keys Animation Test 2 by DennisH2010 on Sketchfab

(Stephomi) #31


On each frame we check the number of morph targets that needs to be used.
We can morph up to 4 morphs targets onto the GPU.
If this number exceeds 4 then we have to morph the extra targets onto the CPU.
For this task, GPU is fast, CPU is slow.
I used an epsilon to detect the morphs that we consider "not really effective anyway" in order to skip them.

The "pop" in your model appears when the weights of a morph simply go below this epsilon.

The easy fix is to lower the epsilon, but it could have a big impact on performance concerning some morphed models, so we are not sure what to do for now.
We'll keep you up to date when we decide what to do.

[SKETCHBOOK] essimoon
(Dennish2010) #32

So 10 morph targets at the same time is may a bit too much :smile: .
Cool dev and it is just awesome to have shape keys animation support for blendfiles!

(Pabloserranobasterra) #33

Hi! Congratulations and thank you for this new feature. Nice for Blender adicts!
Just for a test, I uploaded this animated modelo (very draft materials and geometry, just to check new possibilities). It has 3 animations whole ship going up and down, rows moving and sails with the wind. The result is different: ship up-down movement goes OK; sails don't feel any wind, and rows move, but they have been moved to one side.

trirreme sin mar by Pablo Serrano Basterra on Sketchfab

I share a capture of the Blender interface, to show how rows should appear:

Help, please!!! :sweat: :grinning:

(Hdvdeargentina) #34

Hi, guys! Thanks so much for all the effort with .blend support.
I noticed that the weird normals effect with applied shape keys has been fixed, that's pretty good.
However, I have a little issue with my last upload:

Animated Momo by hdvdeargentina on Sketchfab

In 04:85 only one eye dilates, not both like in the original .blend file.
I also noticed that the Subdivision Surface is not visible. Not sure if it's possible when it's not applied like in .FBX files.

Here is the .blend file, if you want to check it:!ydJyBC7C!MqaHolmz2Hq7O8MOEfxH5nJ0Jh2OC3LIi3o6K1e7HQY

Thanks again for everything ^^

(Pauljs75) #35

Tried testing uv-coordinate animation on a really simple .blend, but it doesn't seem to do anything. (Makes animating some things easier. Tried both UV Warp modifier and texture coordinates.) Will that be supported? And what's the word on texture animation?

(Alvekatt) #36

I uploaded a blend file with several animations in in the NLA editor. But when I edit my model in Sketchfab it claims there are no animations.

Edit: Okay, I managed to upload one animation by having it selected when saving the file. I tried having all animations selected, and all of them are listed. But only the one selected to play when I saved the Blend file actually got uploaded.

Game Jam Demon by ÄlveKatt on Sketchfab

(Waleguene) #37

Hi guys,

Thanks again for testing and helping us!

@pabloserranobasterra animations through modifiers are not supported for now, that's why rows (that use mirror modifier) and sails (cloth modifier) are not working correctly here. You could use the "Apply as Shape Keys" button in your cloth modifier as workaround, but it seems that is doesn't generate animation here, so you will probably need to generate keyframes by hand :confused:

@hdvdeargentina yeah, we have a fix that is ready for your issue. I will keep you in touch when it will be live!

@pauljs75 unfortunately, UV animation is not supported at all on Sketchfab for now, and it is not planned in short term. However, we are open to feature requests and according to the amount of requests we could decide to implement it :smile: so thanks for submitting this!

@alvekatt yeah, that's because we only take into account the active nla track for now, but this is something we can easily improve. I opened a ticket on our side for this :smile:

(Alvekatt) #38

That's awesome. Do you have a public tracker where we can follow progress on new feature requests?

(Alvekatt) #39

Also, there is a definite bug in that problem, as long as only one animation can be uploaded, shouldn't the list be truncated down to only the animation that actually works?

Be wary that it needs to be the right list entry in case they have different number of frames. I noticed that although it doesn't import the non active animations it does import and set the right number of frames for those animations. You can see what I mean by changing the animation in the Game Jam demon I posted.

(Pabloserranobasterra) #40

Thanks, Walegene!!! It's a shame, I often use modifiers and animated textures... I guess I will have to try other strategies (more work) or wait until they are included...