Help us test .blend animation uploads

(Waleguene) #41

@alvekatt I will ping you back here when this will be fixed

About your last post, you can in fact upload several animations, if your scene contains only one animated object and if you have several actions in your blender data. In this case, each action is applied to your object and leads to an animation. Now, the case where you have also several nla tracks is not handled correctly. Each action is set and animations are generated but the resulting animation data corresponds to the active nla_track (clamped by the frame range of each action) instead of the active action. The behaviour will also be fixed here! Thanks for reporting this :smile:

@pabloserranobasterra there are still some improvements to bring to Blender animation support, especially on modifiers. As there is no obvious and straight way to apply them on animated object without breaking them, each one needs to be treated independently and almost "by hand". Some of them (tipycally the mirror modifier) should be supported in the near future, but I don't have ETAs to give you for now. I also take your implicit "animation texture" request into account :smile:

(Pabloserranobasterra) #42

Thanks again! I will be alert...

(Pauljs75) #43

Here's a WIP I've been messing with. At the moment it appears the shapekey for the speakers doesn't seem to work across multiple material zones. (Cone should deform with voice coil movement.) And the animation doesn't carry over in a linked duplicate as it would in Blender.

MixTape WIP2 by pauljs75 on Sketchfab

(Hdvdeargentina) #44

In my last upload, LeChuck (the fat one) has no expresions, only the shape keys in the other character is working:

[Monkey Island] Animated "No Idea What to do" by hdvdeargentina on Sketchfab

That's weird, the orange thing in my other animation hast 2 of 3 objects with morphing working.
Is there some limit with how much objects can show morphing?
By the way, everything else works perfectly, including the child of changing parent from bone to object, already made a test with it ^^

(Stephomi) #45

By the way, we fixed a bug concerning models with more than 4 morphs.
So, you model looks better now (though for now we didn't change the logic that I explained last time).

(Waleguene) #46

@pauljs75 and @hdvdeargentina, thanks for reporting this!
Your issues should be fixed by the next update of our Blender animation processing. I will ping you back here when it is live :smile:

Morphing is not actually limited, but there are some cases were the way we handle them on Sketchfab can cause glitches (see this previous message)

(shadowcopalylpse) #47

Couple of animations have displacement issues.
One has drivers, the other does not.
Both were uploaded as .fbx
The issue isn't happening in blender.

(Waleguene) #48

Hi @Shadowcopalylpse,

Do you get the same issue when uploading directly the original .blend file ?

(shadowcopalylpse) #49

A plethora of issues happens when uploading straight from .blend
Drivers don't register. There's no drivers on modifiers and no shape keys.

Have tried with baked animations, non-baked animations, and baked mesh.
Model in question has two armatures on it, if that means anything.

(Waleguene) #50

Hum, @Shadowcopalylpse could you send me the .blend in PV so I can take a look to these issues (Blender animation support is still in improvement, and issues still need to be fixed)

About displacements issues with FBX, it is logged on our side, we will take a look a it.

Thanks for reporting!

(Waleguene) #51

Thanks @Shadowcopalylpse!

The drivers are skipped during our processing because they can't be read and used in automatic scrips (for security purpose), so we can't get their effect on Sketchfab. This is probably something we could improve if we can ensure the security with our inputs. Its now logged :smile:

(Jeremielouvetz) #52


Thanks a lot for this great feature.

I had tested it and here is my issue : i made a 10s animation in which one or several objects appear and disappear each second. For that, i set the keyframes on the "restrict rendering" and the "restrict viewport visibility" buttons that are in the scene inventory. The animation works in Blender. So, i uploaded this animation .blend file in Sketchfab and it does not work. All my objects are in the scene at the same time and i've got no timeline. Any tips & tricks ?

I take this opportunity to ask you another feature : the possibility to export our camera presets from Blender to Sketchfab when uploading a model. It would be a great tool to set in a easy way our isometric scenes.


(Waleguene) #53

Hi @jeremielouvetz and sorry for the delay,

We don't expect keyframes for "restrict rendering" and "restrict viewport" properties in our Blender processing, since they are specific to Blender. In fact we translate Blender data to another format, and for some properties like this one, we can't do it, or we need to find a trick to actually make it work.

Moreover, visibility is something that needs to be improved on Sketchfab, and the only "trick" you can do for now is to use the scale to make your objects appear and disappear in the scene. This is obviously not perfect at all, and you could see the interpolation in some cases. We are improving this for FBX animations, I think we will report it to Blender as well. Could you give a try and see how it goes ?

Thanks, I logged your feature request on our side, we will discuss it and see if we can do it.

(Alvekatt) #54

What happens with stuff in hidden layers in Blend files?

I uploaded a file, and it's still processing. I get an error message when trying to delete it. I think all the crap I left in hidden layers might be the problem.

I put pretty much everything I make on a model that I'm not happy with in hidden layers. Also, it has a bunch of stuff I made for a possible animation project that I never finished in hidden layers that I had kind of forgot about.

It just finished processing, and it's horribly deformed, I'm not going to let out of draft status. None of the modifiers seems to have come with, but one of the hidden layers did. Unless you want me to keep it for debugging purposes I will delete it.

(Hdvdeargentina) #55

Can I use drivers for animations? I learnt how to use them and I want to manipulate the facial gestures of a character, the driver is applied with a bone without weight, using it's location to modify the shape keys.
Here is the settings for one of the drivers:

Am I doing something wrong? The face of my character don't change at all when I upload it here.
I tried movin a single bone so only one shape key is acting, but same case.

I could make a new shape key from mix and use it instead, but It's not the same. Anyways, if what I want isn't possible, I will do that.


(Shaderbytes) #56

I just did a scene , a single character with armature and one shape key for the character. The shapekey is key framed on the nla editor. The timing is all good , but the shape keys are not being rendered correctly. His nose is completely disappearing here and his teeth are moving out of place. This is not happening in Blender.

if you want the blend file for testing let me know

Courage The Cowardly Dog by shaderbytes on Sketchfab

(Shaderbytes) #57

Wow you guys fixed the shapekeys good and proper!! :smile:

Re-uploaded the above file and all works perfectly , well done and thanks a million.

(Jeremielouvetz) #58

Hi @waleguene and sorry for the delay too,

I thought about the scale "trick" too but the 3D model i want to animate is not suitable for this technique. It does not matter. In any case, thanks for your help and for your work.

(Waleguene) #59

Hi guys,

A bunch of fixes has been released yesterday for our Blender processing, so the majority of the issues mentionned here should be fixed (except for features that are not supported).

@alvekatt whatever the file you upload, the processing should end with the model or at least an error message giving some details of what went wrong. Any processing ends after 1 hour with a timeout error.
I took a look at your models, and I guess there are some unsupported cases: I think you have a model with shapekeys that also has a Mirror modifier applied on it. We don't support this case yet, since Blender can't apply a modifier on an object having shape keys. This is in our todo list but I don't have any ETA for this :confused:. To give your some details, if you can't apply a modifier in Blender with the "Apply" button, its effect will be list on Sketchfab. I will need to check this hidden layer stuff :smile:

@hdvdeargentina drivers are not an easy topic with Blender since they are almost disabled when using automatic scripts ("skipping driver 'toto', automatic scripts are disabled") for security purpose. The "issue" is logged on our side, but for now we don't know how to handle them, and how to allow them without bypassing the security of our processing.
I can't really give you an answer about that :confused:

I am working on another project that takes a lot of my time so I am sorry in advance for the delay I could have in this topic.

Don't hesitate to reupload your models if they have issues (missing shapekeys animations etc) and have a nice day!

(Bart) #60

The Blender Foundation has started a 'proof of concept' to sandbox driver Python scripts, might be worth keeping an eye on: