Help us test .blend animation uploads

(Nataliya P) #61

Hi, I have a problem with uploading a .blend file. This file contains a simple animation (a cube following path), but I don't see this animation at Sketchfab, just a 3D model. I use Sketchfab Exporter at Blender, so the model is uploaded automatically.
Could you please help me? Than you!

(Bart) #62

@waleguene could you answer this? Do we support Blender path animation?

(Waleguene) #63

Hi @NataliyaP,

Blender animations are baked during our processing before being rendered on Sketchfab, so it should be supported. There is maybe a bug or some unhandled cases, could you link me to the model you are talking about ?
Do you use drivers for your animation ?(they are not currently supported on Sketchfab)

Have a nice day!

(Nataliya P) #64

The model (it's our business account).
No, I don't use drivers.
I attached a screenshot - how it looks like in Blender.
Thank you very much for your help!

(Moroplogo) #65

Hello @NataliyaP,
In your screenshot, we can see that your cube is not animated and the path have two keyframes.
You can download this model to compare

testcube constraint path by moroplogo on Sketchfab

(Banalesmuseovirtual) #66

I think animations based on Blender particle systems are not yet supported, are they? I wonder if you could suggest a way to upload to Sketchfab the model from which I rendered this video:
animacion01.avi (13.1 MB)
In fact it is just 3 objects, only 1 of them animated (no problem till here), and there is one particle system for the wheat falling and another one for the flour breaking out. Any idea? Thanks in advance!

(Waleguene) #67

Hi @banalesmuseovirtual,

As you said, we don't support particle systems on Sketchfab.
The only way to get them working is to convert them to animated meshes (with solid animation). It seems like there is no direct and easy way to do such conversion in Blender (and I have nothing in mind about that now) but you can find some tricks to do that, like:
I hope this little information helps,

Maybe someone in the community with more knowledges on Blender will be able to help you :slight_smile:


(Mrchlblng) #68

@banalesmuseovirtual note that we also have a "stop motion" feature but this will require you to export every frame in e.g. OBJ (the feature does not support blender inputs)

(Banalesmuseovirtual) #69

Thanks! Both systems might be out of range if I want a detailed animation, but might work at a more simple one. I will try!

(Sensationalgames) #70

escuse me...for blender there is an implementation for particles?? HELP PLEASE!

(Mrchlblng) #71

@sensationalgames we do not support particles (from any format) at the moment. That's something we've talked about so it might get implemented at some point but, I'm afraid, not in the near term.

(Pauljs75) #72

If anyone is still watching... Any luck with figuring out this one?

Couldn't get drivers controlling a rotation to work on that model here at Sketchfab (they did work in Blender), so I used the transforms constraint. However the rotation for the controlled bones is off by a few degrees. (The bone axes have been shifted.) Any idea why that's happening? In Blender they are aligned correctly as they should be.

Also if it's an issue between Euler and quaternion, I tried Euler - but that causes issues with movement snapping. (Doesn't seem to account for going past 180°.) Quaternion fixed that, but I'm wondering if Sketchfab isn't interpreting it correctly.

(Gilles38) #73

As far as I understand, the Blender-to-Sketchfab exporter add-on doesn’t allow to select a range of frames or a single frame but only the full animation.
Is this planned ?
Thank you

(Waleguene) #74

Hi @gilles38,

That’s true, the exporter has very limited (close to 0) options to select which feature to export or how to export it.
Please note that this plugin is now pretty old and we are planning to refresh it and add more features.
The option you mention would make sense so I’m adding it to the list


(Gilles38) #75

Great @waleguene,
Even better would be to allow the export in Blender export formats such as collada or obj in case I want a single frame (and no animation) or Alembic or FBX for animations.
I am saying that because if I have a 200Mo Blender file with 2000 frames and I want to show just 100 frames out of it, will it weights also 200Mo in Sketchfab ? I assume yes because it will be probably easier for Sketchfab to fully upload the Blender file and show only the selected 100 frames. Unless only the 100 frames with corresponding objects will be uploaded to Sketchfab in the Blender native format ?
Just a few thoughts
Hope this helps.