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Hi, I'm an experienced animator but new to the world of gaming and exporting models to an engine or sketchfab... I was wondering if any rig can be exported to sketchfab animation? I'm using a feature film quality rig from It has everything you could imagine in a 3D rig - hundreds of bones, stretching joints, blend shapes, constraints, groups, etc. I know that a rig for a game engine must have a complete hierarchy, no broken chains, no groups, no constraints that break up the hierarchy(??). Is that true for sketchfab as well?

I've been trying to export my animations with the animationMentor rig and it has so many issues. Importing the rig back into maya reveals these major errors (like no geometry)...

Also, some info on how to setup up the different animations in a sketchfab scene would be great too.

Sketchfab Animation Wiki: Add your knowledge

Hi @drea,

I moved your post into its own thread.

I hope someone in our community can give you some insight.

Have you followed the Maya recommendations?