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I have seen that I can upload an animation and I think it's great , just one question, if I have a model like a flag that is affected by physical wind , how I can make an animation of this? from the EU4 I can export the performance of the fabric in the wind ? or it is not possible now ?


I'm not very familiar with this, but we don't have any kind of physics support at the moment. For now, you should bake that sort of simulation and/or use morph targets.

(there's a bug here, but it will be fixed):

Flag by gekigengar on Sketchfab



Sci-fi Girl Walkcycle Test by patrix on Sketchfab

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I try to bake an animation of that but.. i dont know how do that... do you have a tutorial or something to take a reference?


What software are you using? Just UE4 or did you create the animation is some other software?

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3d Max and UE4 for modeling and them put in game

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Hi @xmx_komin,

Maybe I can help you for this, do you have a simple sample to share in .max so I can take a look ? :smile: