Help with applying textures to a model


(Hoonite) #1

Hello there,
I have a 3D model of a box made, but I have difficulties applying textures to each of the 6 sides.
I had a similar model for another project and it was easy to export each side as .jpg from the 2D model and then apply them to the 3D model on Sketchfab, but for whatever reason, this is not working with my new model.
I'm not a designer and I could not find anyone to help me with this. Is there somebody out there who could help? I'm sure it's something silly which could be solved quickly.
Thank you so much,

(Simon Kratz) #2

Hi @hoonite and welcome!
Can you tell us which modeling program you're using? It's easier to point you in the right directon then. :slight_smile:
In general you have a couple of options:
1. apply a material ID to each side of the cube and unwrap each side so it fills the 0-1 UV space (if the unwrap is not done yet)
2. You could also build the cube from planes. Depending on your modeling problem they could already have a fitting unwrap. Then just apply your materials and textures and export it :slight_smile:
3. The third option I can think of is editing the textures so they fit the unwrap. In that case, unwrap your cupe into a single uv sheet, export it so you can open it in e.g. photoshop and place your images there so they fit the unwrap. That's a bit hacky though and a pain to to. I'd try one of the other options.

Hope it helps, tell us how it's going :slight_smile:

(Hoonite) #3

Hi Simon,
Thanks for your reply.
The designer who helped me used Maya. I can see that he created separate ids and I can select each sides of the cube, but when I apply the texture, nothing happens.
I tried to use SketchUp and create a simple brick, I think that's what you describe in your point 2. But it didn't work, my model did not upload correctly.
Here is the first model.
I would need to find a designer to deal with point 3 :wink:
Let me know if you have other tips.

(Simon Kratz) #4

Oh I see, so the IDs are not the issue. Maybe it's the unwrap?
It might be easier to identify the problem if one could take a look at the mesh directly. If you want you can send me your source fbx file and maybe the textures, I wouldn't mind checking them first hand :slight_smile: