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Hi all, i'm new to sketchfab and have some problems with importing animations from blender. The scene has multiple objects and they all have separate actions. There are 2 actions for each objects and I wanted to create 2 different animations for the whole scene so they can be selected independently. When I upload the model, only the last edited actions are showing, and there is no take 02 to choose. What am I doing wrong? (i'm also new to animation) Thanks in advance!

Animations missing from .blend?
(Waleguene) #2

Hi @Fullmetal91,

It's not possible to actually get 2 different animations when several objects have actions. When only one object in the scene has several actions, you get one different animation for each action, but when there are several objects with several actions, it's not possible for us to know which actions are played together inside a same animation, so we only take the active one and generate one animation.

We stil needl to do some improvements on our Blender animations processing, and take advantage of the NLA track data to allow such cases :slight_smile:

So you are not doing anything wrong, it's just a limit of our processing for now, sorry for the inconvenience!

Animations missing from .blend?
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Thank you very much for your info, sorry to respond this late haven't been online in a while.