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Help With Diamond/Gemstone Materials

(Jewlr) #1

Need some help from a PRO who can advise how to create a diamond or gemstone like material. We want to achieve something that looks similar to this.

Our current sketchfab looks like this:

Facebook-ad-ring by Jewlr on Sketchfab

If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated

  • Jay.

(Klaasnienhuis) #2

Hi @jewlr, coincidentally I've worked on a jewelry configurator which is about to be released. Here's a sample model

Sin City Ring by JEWELv on Sketchfab

Refractions aren't possible in sketchfab so you need to fake them by introducing extra reflective surfaces. At least, that's what I've done.

(Jewlr) #3

Hey @klaasnienhuis !

So is what you've done, create fake refraction within the gem as an actual model, and then applied a reflective texture on them?


(Klaasnienhuis) #4

yes, that's it

(Jisaac) #5

Hi @klaasnienhuis,

I plan to develop with sketchfab a jewelry configurator for my web site.
Actually, I was an IT developper and changed my mind to do what want.
However, I try to focus more in my jewelry design than others areas like web implementation.
Because it's the begenning of my project, I don't have sales yet, therefore I don't have a big budget.
How much does it cost ? If it's not to much I will not try to make it by myself.

Thank you for time
Best regards
Jacques from Marseille FRANCE

(Klaasnienhuis) #6

Hi @jisaac,
the cost greatly depends on the features you're expecting and the volume of the work. If you have one ring design and need to only change the metal color the effort is minimal. If you have hundreds of designs, each with their own configuration logic and multiple configurable parts and if you need to integrate the configurator with an ecommerce platform the effort is considerable.
Once you describe your project in more detail, I'll be able to tell if a small budget will suffice. Feel free to drop me a private message though this forum.