Help with Embedding to portfolio


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I’ve tried all options of the embed code to get my work embedded into a portfolio on coroflot. I have done it before and the models still work fine but for some reason now I can’t add any more. I am not sure if this is something that has changed on the coroflot website as they’re always doing minor updates. I know, I wish I’d setup on a different portfolio site but I have networked so much linking people to that page so it would be rough to have to change now.

Anything that might be worth trying with the embedding process?




I’m not familiar with coroflot. What does the embed process look like?

It might be related to our recent change to model URLs.

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Hi thanks for the info. Here’s a screenshot of the site

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no biggy if it can’t be done. I’m thinking of just setting up a wordpress or something instead.


What happens if you just copy-paste the model URL instead of the embed HTML code?

How does it work with other embeds like YouTube or Vimeo?