Help with model


(Chaoshound12) #1

Hi, i got an issue with my model where basically a part of the model is black and green along the edges which is strange whether with textures or not however in every other program like maya substance painter it looks normal, im confused on why if theres some tips.

It looks like this



Sorry the image isn’t working. Can you please share the model link?

(Chaoshound12) #3

this should work now

(Waleguene) #4

Hi @chaoshound12,

Could you check in the 3D settings if some unwanted vertex colors are enabled and doing some tricky things to your model ? You can find the “Vertex Color” toggle in the left tab. It’s enabled by default when the model contains vertex colors.

Sometimes this data is not wanted and It often causes such rendering surprises :slight_smile:

(Chaoshound12) #5

Yeah it turns out to be that thanks james said a similar thing too on that :wink: