Help with Modular Models

(Samanthaquintero) #1

Is there a way to put modular model parts together in sketchfab?

(Bart) #2

Hi @samanthaquintero,

what is a modular model part?


We can concatenate OBJ files, but it's a bit of a hack.

Typically, it's best if you prepare your full scene before uploading.

(Samanthaquintero) #4

Hey Bartv, a modular model is just a part to a much larger scene. For example a model of a building and then a model of a roof, and maybe a chimney.... the parts can then be mixed and matched and fitted in different ways. smile

(Samanthaquintero) #5

Aw man... Sketch fab is so much easier to use... frowning I must figure out this hack you speak of... lol jk thanks for the input though.


What software, etc. are you using?

(Samanthaquintero) #7

3Ds Max. I'm just being lazy about setting up my model and materials fully there lol. I may just export from unreal 4... idk


The 3ds Max exporter ( ) is quite robust. But, you'll still have to set up your full scene...