Help with quality of upload

(Waseemapt) #1

Hi there, I am new to the community and i must say there are some stunning model. I have uploaded my first model using sketch up. I have simply used the downloadable plugin in sketch up to upload my file. I have found my model in sktechfab not particular smooth. As you rotate around the model, it almost appears to being rendering constantly. I have provided the link to my model. It will be greatly appreciated for some support.


(Bart) #2

Hi Waseem,

I'm not an expert on Sketchup, but maybe this tutorial can point you in the right direction?

(Waseemapt) #3

Thank you very much. Ill try giving that a go, see if the results are improved.

(Waseemapt) #4

I figured out sort of what was wrong with he the upload. The material on the model was the default material on sketch up. I applied a white finish on all the surfaces except for the window. This manage to do the trick, appears to be a lot smoother when zooming in and rotating. Have a look for your self

older version

New version

(Bart) #5

Cool! Glad the tutorial was helpful.