Help with Sketchfab pro (for students)


(Azulrose) #1

Hi! Im currently studying Arts and Animation for Video games in Argentina, and i was interested in seeing if i was eligible for the student free pro account. However, my university does not provide us with a school email.
Is there any way I could provide, for example, a photo of a student certificate or scans of the little booklet with my grades, as proof of my studies to be able to qualify for the pro account?
Thanks for your time and patience.


I just upgraded your account, enjoy!

(Azulrose) #3

Thank you!!

(Timeless3d) #4

Is this still a thing? I had set up my account under my student email and had pro, but it just now expired.

(Azulrose) #5

As far as i know, they changed the student plan, so its no longer free, but you still get a discount for being a student.

The following is what i got in the mail that notified me of this change.
“Your free student plan has expired. However, the good news is that we will allow students to continue on our PRO plan at a steep discount (just $99/year compared to our regular $180/year).”


That’s correct. You can contact us here if you need help:

(Hopeyeu) #7

Thanks u jame

dich vu giup viec nha uy tín giúp việc nhà giá rẻ

(Congtycophan) #8

Thanks Jame, I am looking for this information :grinning: