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Help with uploading your 123D Sculpt+ models to Sketchfab

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If you are having any problems getting your model from 123D Sculpt+ into the Sketchfab viewer then ask here!

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So Made in Italy wanted to know about specular and glossiness in Sketchfab.

Here is a quick example model and brief description of using grey scale texture maps for specular, glossiness and bump effects.

In Sketchfab you have various texture channels. But for now I will briefly explain the glossiness and bump map channels.

In each of these channels you apply a greyscale texture map. When you use a greyscale texture map for glossiness the whiter the colour the glossier the surface will be. The darker the colour will give you a dull flat shine. When you use a bump map the whiter the colour the higher the bump appears and the darker the colour the bump will become more recessed looking. So white is high and black is low with a mid grey as a normal level. It depends on what you have sculpted and how you have painted/textured it.

So for this example I took the colour/diffuse texture into a paint app and turned it greyscale. You can edit this texture more in a paint app but you must not change the texture island shapes even by one pixel as it will affect the texture. Also all textures for the model surface must use the same UV texture map!

I will write a short tutorial on adjusting textures from 123D Sculpt+ soon. It will explain the problems you may encounter and how to get rid of the UV white crackle effect when you upload a model to Sketchfab.

Don't be afraid to test out these texture options. The more you test the options in the Sketchfab model editor the easier it will become!

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Hi, how can I upload my models from 123d sculpt?

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123D Sculpt+ to Sketchfab

There are a few ways to get your model out of 123D Sculpt+ which can be easier and quicker depending on what tablet or computer you are using:

  • Cloud download

  • Email download

  • iTunes download


By uploading your model in 123D Sculpt+ to your cloud storage you can easily access the model from the "123Dapp website" whether you are on a tablet or PC/Mac. You must have an Autodesk 123D account to do this.

Go to to access your account. Make sure you have signed in and then go to the "Models" folder. Find the model you want to download and click on the thumbnail of the model. The model page will load and then click on the "Edit/Download" button, download 3D models and choose "Mesh package" which contains a zip file with the model and texture that you will need. Click on "Download models" to start the download.


In 123D Sculpt+ open the model you require. Once the model is open choose "Share and Make" and then "Export Mesh". Name the model and make sure the "Email" and "OBJ" options are highlighted. Click on "Export Now" and after a few seconds of processing an email will appear with the zip file attached. Make sure to enter your email address to receive the file. When you receive the file choose the download folder to save to or on an iPad choose "Open in".

Remember to clear your email models from your email service provider as you can quickly use up your email storage space!


In 123D Sculpt+ open the model you require. Once the model is open choose "Share and Make" and then "Export Mesh". Name the model and make sure "iTunes" and "OBJ" is highlighted. Click on "Export Now" and after a few seconds of processing an "Exporting model" message will appear. You can access the model in iTunes on a PC/Mac within the apps section when you link your iPad.

The best way depends on how you work but using the cloud and email can be a lot quicker than using iTunes.

Download using an iPad

If you are using a PC/Mac the model file will download to your usual downloads folder. If you are using an iPad you will need a file manager app to download the file into and to also extract the information out of the zip file. Using an app like "Documents" from the Apple App Store will allow you to upload to Sketchfab and edit the model on an iPad.

Once you have downloaded Documents app you can download the zip file in Safari. Depending how fast your internet is there may be a slight delay before the 123dapp website gives you an option to "Open in". Choose the app Documents and it will open the app and the file will be placed in the "Downloads" folder. The same process can be used when using the email option.

Sketchfab Upload

To upload your model to Sketchfab depends if you are using a PC/Mac or an iPad. If you are using a PC/Mac you can either drop your model file onto the Sketchfab webpage or click on the "Upload" button at the top of the page. When using an iPad you will need to click on the "Upload" button which will open up a "Choose file" button. By clicking on this it will give you app options to open from. You can use any app supported but for now choose your file manager app or the "Documents" app. It will then allow you to find the folder within the app where you model OBJ file or zip file is stored.

Choose the file you want and then follow the usual steps of filling in the models details while Sketchfab processes the model. To get extra texture images into your model you will need to import textures within the Sketchfab model editor from your photo library.

Remember to use the same UV texture layout when editing the texture in an external paint app as it will not look correct when applied to the different texture channels in the Sketchfab editor!

If you are using an iPad your model editing options will be slightly hindered as Sketchfab works best on a PC/Mac. Some of the lighting and shadows will not show correctly and the model and light rotation gimbals are not active. Don't let this put you off as you can still accomplish great results on an iPad. You can always finish off your light setting on a PC/Mac to get the best finished results!