Here's a really bad rip-off of Sketchfab

(Joel3d) #1!/

Found a bunch of my models there too, some I don't remember ever offering for download. Never the less they look bad - makes me look bad

(Simon Kratz) #2

I quickly read the Terms of Use on my ride to work and it looks like they claim to only offer links to external content but don't host anything on their own.
If that was true I doubt your work would look worse than on Sketchfab directly.
I have yet to find some of my stiff there but I'm very interested in what this site is up to.

(Nataliak) #3

Thanks for pointing this out!

It does look like it's only downloadable content - and they provide a link back to your model on Sketchfab, so in a way its bringing more traffic to your model.

They also seem to be respecting Creative Commons licensing.

As for it looking bad...well, that's why we exist - to make your models look good wink

We'll keep an eye on it - if you see any non-downloadable models, let us know!


(Joel3d) #4

Yeah I didn't read the blarb - Thanks.

(Joel3d) #5

Yes thanks! I didn't really check it out, 'jumped the gun' as they say. I guess it's all about checking 3d printability.

Also you're right it will bring more viewers, so that's good...

(Reidh) #6

AhHaaaah! I'm on there to. Under "victorian" from Tell the Masters of all repositories, this means war ! Or War Craftian War. Anony mouse, Mickey's evil cousin.

(Chaitanyak) #7

ya i had the same reaction when i saw it a few weeks back @joel3d .. i went into panic mode.. but eventually realised its basically the same as- if google had a "search for 3d model" option