Heroic Voxels Contest 2016: Contest Updates

(Bart) #1

This forum is for documenting the Work in Progress for the Heroic Voxels Contest entries. Prizes include a Lego Studio box, full color 3D prints of your entries, a Qubicle license and a Parrot Airborne Cargo drone. Enjoy!

In a world built on three dimensional pixels, a hero must design and build a fantasy voxel world and protect it from an unknown evil that may determine the fate of an entire kingdom. Export your tale to Sketchfab using annotations to tell your story and by the power of greyskull. You might be victorious.

(Bart) #2

Update 1: Welcome to Heroic Voxels!

Thanks for joining us! To get started, create a 'WIP' (Work in Progress) thread on this forum where you'll be documenting your progress. You can use it to upload sketches, write about ideas, ask for feedback etc. To embed a Sketchfab model on this forum, just paste its URL on an empty line.

Once you've started your WIP thread, I'll add one month of Sketchfab PRO to your account, and you'll receive this cool contest badge on your forum profile :smile:

We'll be posting contest updates here regularly, so I recommend you subscribe to this thread to receive a notifications. Scroll to the bottom of this page, click the 'Tracking' button and change it to 'Watching'. That's all!

For today, let me get you started by introducing you to the leading three Voxel tools.

Getting started with Qubicle

Download Qubicle's free trial version here. As of today the trial version will export to Sketchfab!

Then watch this set of videos to learn the basics:

Getting started with MagicaVoxel

Download MagicaVoxel here. To upload to Sketchfab, simply export to OBJ and upload the files.

Here's a quick overview of the current version:

Getting started with 3D Slash

3DSlash is web-based, so simply visit their website to use them. To learn the basics, visit the Learning page and follow the excercises.

Here's a quick overview of their platform:

(Bart) #3

I have started a contest FAQ:

[WIP] Rise - Voxel contest
[Done] Between the Darkness... and Light
[WIP] Bad Men, Good Deeds
Cybernet Under Seige [WIP]
[Finished] Battle of Hoth Voxel Recreation
[WIP] Magical Stronghold
Dragon and Monkey
[Done] Battling the Guardian
DONE // The Fall of the Ivory Kingdom
[WIP] Real World Heroes!
Heroic Voxels - Slime Pit
[WIP] Barbarian meets the Black Knight
[WIP] Castle Attack
[Done] The Stupid Son and the War - [DONE] The Hydra Protector
[WIP]Drugl Lord's Den - [Done]Blood River
[Done] Smash & Grab
[Done] Seattle, 1994
[Done]sorcerer's island
[WIP] Witcher fanart Diorama
[WIP] A king to rule them all
Heroic Voxels - The Portals Awaken
Artwork "Eternity" [DONE]
[DONE] - The Late Newbie
[WIP] - Heroic Voxel - The Fall
Floating Island Entry (WIP)
[Done] Through Tides and Thunder
[DONE] Princess Akacia- defender of the cube
[DONE] Deep water walk
[Done] Burning Soul
[WIP] wizard tower
Voxel Dragon Attack
[Done]For the Glory
WIP Entry: Sword
[Finised] Batwing under city
(WIP) The fellowship -> The Colossus
[WIP] Heroic Voxels- VR Fantasy
[WIP] Heroes with bazooka chase
WIP - underwater shenanigans!
[DONE] Rick's thread for all his Heroic Voxels!
[DONE] Hero's Sword - Voxel
[WIP] In to the Depths
Heroic Voxels Contest 2016 - The ancient prophecy (finished)
(Done) Epic Voxel Battle
[DONE] Facing The Foe
(DONE) The Guardians
[WIP] City - Voxel Contest
[WIP] Asylum & Dungeon - Voxel Contest [Done]
[WiP] Defender of the skies
[WIP] Creative Block - Voxel Contest
[WIP]Heroic Voxels - The Thaumaturge's Pets
[DONE] The Lost Book
Working title: "Man-who-saves-world-from-destruction"
Heroic Voxels - Waterfall City
(Bart) #4

Heroic Voxels Update #2

We now have 24 contestants working on their entries, and more are joining every day! There's also nice amount of conversation happening between contestants, up to the point of discussing how you can use different tools to combine smaller scenes - like here.

There's also a new FAQ thread that's worth keeping an eye on.

3D-Slash update 2.0

3D-Slash has received a major update this week. They write:

Completely lifted up 3D Slash now allows easy manipulations of objects and shapes. One can now modify a part of a design, e.g move, rotate, flip or resize - and re-use quickly with one click copy-paste or even multi STL files import. Also, we considerably enhanced the fun dose with new animations, enjoy!

They have also updated their entire learning center with new video tutorials.

Tutorial: Publishing Voxel Designs from MagicaVoxel to Sketchfab

Elbriga, who is one of the judges on this contest, takes you through the process of uploading your MagicaVoxel scene to Sketchfab and making it look awesome.

Inspiration: How to make Organic designs with Voxels in Qubicle

Inspiration: Voxel Warrior Speed Paint in MagicaVoxel

(Bart) #5

Heroic Voxels Update #3

Another week, another contest update! We're now two weeks in and there's two weeks left to finish your entries. Looking at the #heroicvoxels-wip tag gallery, most people (there are 35 contestants now) are really getting up to speed now - having blocked out there scenes and main characters and now moving into composition and lighting. How's your entry doing?

One thing that you may run in to with MagicaVoxel is that the scene size is limited to 126^3 voxels. It's not too hard to combine multiple scenes into one with Blender though - Elbriga contributed this tutorial that does not require any Blender knowledge: How to join voxel scenes in Blender.

In another interesting discussion, @nomadking mentioned that MagicaVoxel is able to load OBJ files and voxelize them. It's not considered cheating for this contest, so if this saves you some time then go for it! (Of course you can use plugins or modifiers for other 3D apps too).

Inspiration: Qubicle - We made a Game

Follow the Qubicle team as they develop a voxel-based game.

Our main job at Minddesk is to develop the voxel editor called Qubicle. We don't plan to become a game development studio anytime soon. But since Qubicle is mostly used for game development we thought it might be a good idea to set-up and test a game development pipeline ourselves. The experiences made in the process should give us a better understanding of what parts of Qubicle need to be improved in the future. And while we were at it we wanted to document our pipeline and all the involved steps to give you a good overview of how you can build your own game.

Our game is called Gravity Knight. It's not finished yet - and probably never will be. Unfortunately time ran out too soon, but we were able to set-up and test every required step (except for sound design). The following documentation will show you our pipeline. It's not the way to do it, just one that worked amazingly well for us.

Inspiration: Mad Max Speedpaint

(Bart) #6

Heroic Voxels Update #4

As of today, you have exactly seven days left to submit your final entry! So let's review some contest details to make sure you're ready:

How to prepare your final entry

When you're all done, please remember to tag your work with #heroicvoxels so we'll include it in our judging process (only posting the WIP thread is not enough!).

Contest deadline

The official submission deadline is Wednesday, February 24, mignight, New York time (so that's Wednesday included, just to be clear).

Tutorial: Preparing your work for 3D Printing with 3D Hubs

The winners will all receive a full color 3D print of their entry, provided by our partner 3D Hubs. Of course, 3D prints have some specific design constraints and that's why they have provided the following mini-tutorial for us. Feel free to post your questions below!

For printing voxel based models, I would highly recommend full color printing. The great thing about full color printing using sandstone is that no supports are required, so you have a lot more design freedom. The simplest way to get it printed in full color would be to upload your OBJ with texture file attached and select full color sandstone as a material on 3D Hubs. It’s hard to give a cost estimation without the model, but prices for full sandstone range from ~$1-$2 per cm3.

As for design constraints with full color printing, you will want a minimum wall thickness between 2-3 mm.

Also keep in mind that full color sandstone prints are for aesthetic purposes only, they are not that strong.

Printing a voxel based model on a standard desktop printer like a Makerbot is definitely possible. For printing, the voxel needs to be a solid body and not separate pieces or free floating pieces in space. Voxels connected only by one edge would not print, they should be connected by a face. Due to the nature of voxel design you will more than likely have to deal with support material due to overhangs. You can see an example of overhangs below:

It’s not a huge issue, but just be aware that there may be some drooping even with supports. You can then paint your model or leave it as is :smile:

For both of these printing recommendations, you can save printing time and cost by hollowing or shelling the model. The easiest way to do this is with Meshmixer. We have a great tutorial on how to do that here, its very straightforward. Meshmixer has a great built in Hollow feature.

Those are just a couple quick tips on getting your model printed! If you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll see how I can help.

Good luck!

Best of luck with the last bits of work, we're all very excited to see your entries here :smile:

Heroic Voxels contest FAQ
(Bart) #7

Mass pinging all our contestants - please read the Contest Update #4 above. Are you ready?

@anton_fenix @yadni @hasardzzz @se7en23 @han @darthkedar @ediediedi @yaelsagi @playiku @sardacxis @rmorais @lrtvri @egoant @discoursive @nomadking @gustavo_san @christophs @ayvlasov @remingtongraphics @stormvoxel @vincentthestud @fransgameart @inksightt @sliph @duneholy @theteaguns @luizsotero @videogamefan @homomilk @quin @anhdang @paulnicholls @andya @jackybossey @moar @ab_red @pixelcod @pixelcod @ab_red @warrenfrancis @fatsnail @assassin_47 @jason_ivens @brok @alban @allenawesome @kyan0s @rickprokosch @siremmanuelintong1st

(Ab Red) #8

ok, question time! how if we want to optimalized our scene with adding some fire spark, or flying arrow, so the scene looks dramatic and dynamic, but it also means that we gonna making our cubes flying. and then lets say you win this contest, but in your scene you have that flying cubes everywhere, and in the tutorial says that the models like that can't be printed. so hows the solution for case like this? are you gonna tell the winner after the contest ended to fix their scene? or the scene like that will not qualified? seriously it was one of the most powerful gimmick on voxel art in my opinion, besides adding some badass lighting on the scene.
so i would like to know, how you guys deal with it?

(Bart) #9

Yeah you'll get a chance to give us the 'printable' version of your scene. So animate away! (Although as commented before: animation is definitely allowed, but will not earn extra points)

(Gustavo San) #10

I guess in my case, there will be no flying rock debris ^^;

(Ab Red) #11

yup! i guess i can move on, because my second entries will contain a hover bike, so if that things are a serious case, i will say NOPE!! :smile:

(Bart) #12

For the print you could add 'supports' below the hover bike?

(Hasar Dzzz) #13

Ahhh you've just asnwered my questions/doubts about MarchingCubes ^^

(Bart) #14

Hi folks! Here's the last contest update before tonight's deadline. I'm mass-pinging you all one more time because I want to be sure you get your submission right :wink:

Please please please check these notes and make sure everything is ready - we may miss your entry otherwise or you may not be included in the voting process:

  • The submission deadline is Wednesday, February 24, mignight, New York time (so that's Wednesday included, just to be clear).
  • Your work must be tagged with 'heroicvoxels'. We're using this tag gallery to find the final entries - just having a WIP thread is not enough!
  • Make sure you're using annotations in your scene to tell a story. Annotations are a requirement - not having them will give you a penalty! Adding them is easy enough though, so if you haven't done this already it shouldn't take you much time.
  • Check your WIP thread on the forum - everyone was required to document their progress. Not having documented any progress steps will give you a penalty too.

Voting will start tomorrow - both the Sketchfab team, our contest partners and judges will participate. The winners will be announced and contacted on Wednesday, March 2.

So, take 30 minutes to check that everything is in order, polish those voxels and send in your final entry.

@alban @kyan0s @allenawesome @siremmanuelintong1st @rickprokosch @assassin_47 @warrenfrancis @brok @fatsnail @jason_ivens @moar @JackyBossey @andya @AB_red @Sir_carma @pixelcod @paulnicholls @anhdang @homomilk @quin @luizsotero @DuneHoly @videogamefan @sliph @theteaguns @vincentthestud @inksightt @fransgameart @stormvoxel @remingtongraphics @christophs @nomadking @ayvlasov @gustavo_san @discoursive @egoant @yaelsagi @rmorais @Sardacxis @ediediedi @playiku @lrtvri @darthkedar @han @HasarDzzz @anton_fenix @yadni @se7en23 @diogosoares @abubakr93 @j_bergenstrahle @pinktofu @midio @macroiss @smokefumus

(Smokefumus) #15

What if i added proper comicbook style annotations and used basic ones just to shuffle viewports?

(Bart) #16

Works for me! It certainly adds a unique style, and we'll count it as using annotations.

(Smokefumus) #17

And one more question. Is it fine if i'll add Timelapse video of my progress, instead of documenting it by text? I've been streaming it on twitch, and i am gonna compress 8hour VOD into 15-20 minutes.

(Bart) #18

Definitely. Go for it! :smile:

(Macroiss) #19

Can I still try to fix my materials problem with exporting? :grimacing:

(Diogosoares) #20

Publishing mine now.
I finaly manadged to finish my artwork !! :smiley: