Heroic Voxels Contest 2016 - The ancient prophecy (finished)


(Kyan0s) #1

Hello folks !

I did not know if I would participate in this contest because I'm totally noob in voxel, but the fantasy theme is really interesting, and I like to try the challenge. Also, after a more or less conclusive tests with Magical Voxel and having thought of what I could do and how. I decided to participate.

I titled my project "The ancient prophecy" and here the first wip of one of the character of my scene :


(Rickprokosch) #2

I like it! Doesn't look like noob work to me! How are you lighting that? Do you have an object with the emission setting off camera or did you light that in another app? I am using magica voxel too.

(Kyan0s) #3

@rickprokosch Thank you very much ! :smiley: This is only the second actual creation in voxel so it makes me happy ^^)

For the lightning, I use Blender an its Blender cycles. Each emission source in that picture is a sphere that emits light but each sphere don't make shadows and are not visible for the camera.

For my final entry, I'll bake the ligthning on the textures of my objects.

In fact I have used that excellent tutorial of @elbriga ^^) :


(Rickprokosch) #4

Thanks for the info. I've worked through that tutorial with mixed results a few times. I've been trying to up my blender knowledge but not sure how much I'll see it through. I do like the idea of lighting it in blender, lots more control and I can get the material to show up properly... the baking doesn't seem to go well :stuck_out_tongue:

(Theoddportrait) #5

Thats really cool ! as an old school gamer and lover of anything pixelated enjoyed your work

(Jason Ivens) #6

Once again your work is increadable, it's going to be really hard to beat you in any of these contests 😄
Always a pleasure seeing your work.

(Kyan0s) #7

Thank you guys ! :smiley:

(Kyan0s) #8

After a first conclusive test for the scenery, and with fierceness I have finally found a style that I like with the level of detail I wanted.

As I was limited by the Workspace in MagicaVoxel, I cut my scenery in several tiles which I'll use to build the world.

The colors are not definitives, I'll ajust them when the entire scenery will be finished.

So, here the firsts real WIPs of my project :


(Rickprokosch) #9

Holy cow, this is going to be awesome.

(Moar) #10

Thats looks very nice wow i think i should look in the tutorial too :smile:

great magical work

have a nice day

(Kyan0s) #11

Thanks !

Here a new character, the bad guy of my diorama. An evil sorcerer :

And the following of the cave temple.

I think I really like the voxel :smiley: !


(Jason Ivens) #12

Wow... How are you getting your characters to look so amazing? I have really tried and all mine look cunky and basic.

(Ab Red) #13

:open_mouth: speechless, the building, it's like something that not made by voxel.. and after the project finished, how slow your laptop going to be?, if you really working on laptop like me tho.. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Kyan0s) #14

Thank you @jason_ivens for the compliment !

Well, I don't know. After I don't think your characters are basics, maybe a little statics in their positions, but not basics. For example for your skeleton, maybe you should try to make his arms less steep along its body Slightly bent and both less symmetrical, and maybe increase the level of details. I have worked in high size to be able to have a good degree of detail.

I have made screenshots of my characters with the edges to help you ^^).

Thanks @AB_red . I Work on an old desktop, but like I export my tiles in a collada format to work them in blender, the voxel are merged. My tiles in blender are less heavy. However the baking of all the textures of the tiles of my world will take me a lot of time ><'


(Rickprokosch) #15

In my playing around, it comes down to making my models bigger so my individual voxels are smaller. Smaller voxels = higher resolution models = more room for detail. The life-like poses are another thing, that takes practice for sure. I've learned that from my drawing days!

I'm no expert and this is what I've discovered in my playing around. I admire people who can do large models like these because it's a task for me. I've found myself trying to capture the essence of a character with a small resolution. See my Muthbusters scene if you are familiar with these guys. I think you'll be able to identify who is who. I also only work within magicavoxel so I need to keep my models small.

(Jason Ivens) #16

Thank you @kyan0s & @rickprokosch, your advice will help me :smile:
My inexperience probably comes through pretty clearly in my models to you guys, but I can only get better :smile:

(Bart) #17

Hey @kyan0s!

Thanks for joining the Heroic Voxels contest. Nice to see you here :smile:

Here's some useful information to get you started:

  • Read the contest updates - they will contain updates on contest progress, weekly tutorials and more.. I recommend you 'track' that topic so you'll receive notifications (instructions are in the post).
  • Frequently Asked Questions are in the (you guessed it) FAQ topic.

(Kyan0s) #18

I have finished another of my characters, The warrior.

I have only two characters to do, the archer and the healer to complete my group of adventurers.


(Kyan0s) #19

Pfiuu I think I engaged in a titanic project lol, the connections between the tiles of the cave are tedious to do :confused:

The following of my WIP :


(Rickprokosch) #20

haha, this in one massive project. I just got a full appreciation of the size with that last picture.