Hey everyone, I'm new here

(Code Pixel) #1

I was referred here by a friend not too long ago, and I'm already honestly starting to like it here.

G'day. I'm CodePixel, and I do somewhat-okay voxel models of junk in my free time, based off various video game series and whatnot.

I'm going to hopefully be posting here more in the near future I just wanted to get this small message out as "greetings" of sorts.

I hope you enjoy all the crud I make. I've already uploaded a bunch of junk today that I've made previously, and I don't plan on stopping there.

Have a good one.

(Bart) #2

Welcome to Sketchfab! :slight_smile: I like your assets - are you planning to work on larger scenes too?

(Nomadking) #3

Welcome aboard :wink:

(Code Pixel) #4

Thanks, and possibly. I'd like to give larger things a try.

(Code Pixel) #5

Thanks, glad to be here.


Welcome to Sketchfab! We have voxel contests every now and then so would love to see your art there!

(Code Pixel) #8

That sounds like fun, I'll be sure to check it out when the time comes. :>

(Dark Minaz) #9

welcome green mario
hope you enjoy your time here

(Grine) #10

I am also a newcomer as well.
I have no artistic talent but was interested in recruiting one or two people for a large project my group is doing.
We are currently short staffed on texturing and 3d art talent.

Does anyone know the proper procedure of going about this recruitment?

(Bart) #11

Please contact me on bart@sketchfab.com and we can discuss.

(Code Pixel) #12

That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario!

(Code Pixel) #13

By "large project" what do you mean in particular?

I'm curious.

(Bart) #14

I talked to Grine and it was an unpaid project - not something we like posting 'job offers' for on our forum. Feel free to send him a personal message though (click on his avatar on the forum -> message).

(Grine) #15

Well that is not completely true.
As I mentioned it will be unpaid initially but we expect to make revenue after the initial demo release.
And the money will be used to pay the developers that work within the project.
I am just being honest about not being able to conjure five or ten thousand dollars out of nowhere :slight_smile:

(Code Pixel) #16

He sent me a message on it not long ago.

I'm not very qualified for this, to be honest. I can only do voxel modeling as of now.