Hey guys is it ok to ask staff to take a look at my work?

(Broadleaf) #1

And if yes could you review it for staffpicked?
Im just afraid it drowned without attention in sumbitted, and i think its good enough for staffpicked.
Reason im forcing like this is because for me every staffpicked means more possible clients,
so my life is in some way dependent on these, so i kinda have to do this. But if i violate some terms
or ethics, im sorry! I hope you understand me smile

Dwarf Scenery Element by broadleaf on Sketchfab

(Broadleaf) #2

ok i get it, delete thread pls

(Bart) #3

I don't mind you posting this here at all, it's great work! Staff picking works independent from the forums, but who knows, it might help smile