Hi friends, I'm new here! Any tips and tricks?

(Pants Beard) #1

My topic pretty much speaks for itself.
I am new to sketch fab and am wondering quite a few things.

For ZBrush users, whats the highest poly count sketchfab will allow you to push? Is there any limit?
I aimed to have my first model decimated under 1M, though I feel that SF can handle it pretty well. I would have liked to push it further.

I am also wondering how people expose them selves through here, are there any sketchfab groups worth being a part of? Or do most people use this as a secondary platform to other art pages such as ArtStation?

Also, I'd really appreciate any tips and tricks that people implement here though.

I would love to start meeting everyone! And look forward to viewing some work here.


(Dark Minaz) #2

Hey there :wink: first of all there is a pretty good tutorial by mieke about how you can get your poly count lower yet still keep all the details. (sketchfab can handle up to 3mio polys on my system, but not everyone got a decent pc, some are looking at models with their phone, lowering it to something in the 100k area helps to make it load faster and be visiable on more devices :slight_smile: )

For the exposing yourself part, i think most use the web to try to push their own work a bit or follow other artists, generally twitter, facebook, artstation, instagram seem to be the 4 basic sites.

on facebook groups:
- our sketchfab group, sadly not to many active users there
- 3dmodeling/10k hours

Oh sketchfab itself there are no real "groups" as of now, but if there is none you can always make your own :slight_smile:

p.s. i would also recomend shaderbye's post process tutorial to make your model shine in the end :wink:

(Pants Beard) #3

Wow, thanks so much for the really in depth response! I was by no means expecting that, so I appreciate it heaps!
I will certainly look through the links you supplied! They look like they will be really helpful.
At this time, I have only got one model up. And all of the processing was really just playing around with the functions and experimenting with what was there.
Once again, thank you for going above and beyond! :slight_smile:

(Dark Minaz) #4

No worries :slight_smile: always happy to help.

We got tons of good tutorials to many topics, just finding them is sometimes a bit hard.
Oh almost forgot we also started with some twitch streams twitch.com/sketchfabmasters / twitch.com/darkminaz

(Pants Beard) #5

Thats great! I will be sure to check out the twitch channel too! I'm currently working on making my current model more presentable with the tips and tricks you supplied in the links. So wish me luck!

I also noticed that you were judging a contest, do you do a lot of those? :slight_smile:

(Dark Minaz) #6

we have voxels, sculpting , "general" and lowpoly that rotate every 1-2 weeks.

So yeah there should be quite a lot of contests to join :smiley:

(Pants Beard) #7

Awesome! I am super excited to join some of them soon! :slight_smile: