Hi, i need help texturing a model in blender

Hi I made a 3d model with avatarSDK online , to make a 3d model of yourself, but i can’t apply texture properly, i tried looking at blender tutorials…

my 3d model


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So if I get this right, you have the textures but dont know how to show them on sketchfab or…?

Here is how to apply textures on Sketchfab

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hi that’s one way doing it, but i mean software like blender. sorry i can upload the texture…

So first you need to give the Object a material. You can either do that in Shadereditor or in the Material property panel. The images below show how to

When using shader editor enable the checkmark on use nodes first.
In 3d view change shading to Material Preview or Renderview to display texture.


Tha’ts awesome , i’ll add those nodes in, but its this part I’m really struggling on…

thats odd. Did you manually generate the uv in blender or is this from the export?
Maybe try reimport the Obj into blender? Is there an option to export UVS?

Because UV doesn’t match up with texture, that way its not going to work.

What file did you export as? Some files, such as obj and fbx, already have uv and material setup

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I manually generated it from a youtube tutorial. i watched. I could try re importing as different variants, but it will be the same results, it originally came as .ply model. With no uv and material set up…

Can i share the blender file with you?

imy hat.blend (5.0 MB)

Hey! roughly speaking, the picture must be within the grid for the textures to be displayed normally. I advise you to watch the tutorials about UV mapping

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i’ll take note into it, thanks for the advise!

How to import from avatar sdk:

He actually imported as obj, which works as it should

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That looks like a better tutorial… Thanks!

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No Problem… Let us know if it works.

As far as I know ply-files only store raw meshdata and maybe some vertex colors, but nothing else (could be mistaken here, anyone correct me here). I rather stick to obj or fbx, the most commonly used files