Hi there, just starting so sorry for dumb questions :)

(Dino40i4) #1

I just found this page and i see it looks great on FB pages. I wanted to found out how difficult is to make a flat object that will work. I want just fornt and rear cover of newspaper with some background. I've found lot of tutorials for complicated things. Still nothing of something like that.
Thx in advance

(Lord00120) #2

Even though what you want is something simple, you'll have to understand the basics:
Box modelling a newspaper model,
UV unwrapping your simple box model,
either finding or creating your newspaper and background textures
Just search for simple box modelling tutorials first, doesnt matter if your first model isn't a newspaper, you'll just learn some simple techniques for shaping your own stuff :slight_smile:

(Dino40i4) #3

Thx, finnaly i used Blender (and friend :smile ) :slight_smile and Voila https://sketchfab.com/models/8e07af98bb644f3da31130a62d32d53a